Why choose HART of Yorkshire SCITT?

Are you looking to get into teaching in a Yorkshire Primary School (5-11 years) or Primary (3-7 years)?

Full and Part-Time Programmes available

High quality teacher training led by outstanding practitioners.

HART of Yorkshire SCITT is at the forefront of developments in teaching and learning at Primary and Early Years. We are able to ensure that trainees completing their training with us are fully prepared for their careers in schools with a full understanding of the best practice across the education system.

We Offer:

A programme set up by a group of schools that have a moral purpose to provide children with the best teachers.

Full-time and part-time primary programmes

A programme which is school led: responsive to the changing educational landscape; designed, facilitated and led by existing teachers and leaders.

A programme designed to ensure that classroom practice is closely aligned to a structured development of pedagogical theory and understanding.

A programme where trainees’ needs are matched to the right school. All our placement schools are committed to teacher training.

A programme that supports the national agenda of early identification and support of future leaders.

A programme which develops new entrants as reflective, confident practitioners .

A programme which is designed to prepare trainees for successful careers in a diverse number of settings.

A programme which gives trainees the experience of a whole year in school.

A programme where partnership schools offer trainees the opportunity to experience examples of outstanding practice and the opportunity to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (60 Masters Credits).

Get into teaching in North Yorkshire.



Yorkshire Scitt Programme Lead

How would you rate the quality of support from the YSCITT on a scale of 1 to 10?

The course is very personal. I feel confident and comfortable to talk to Vicki, Sian and Antonia especially about any problems I may have. Vicki and Antonia are incredibly supportive and experienced and without fail have helped me with any problem I may have!!!

Trainee Teacher 2016-17