Get Into Teaching

Why teach?

There are many great reasons why you should pursue a career in teaching.

  1. Teaching is a true vocation and the rewarding nature of the job provides a satisfaction that few will experience.
  2. Teaching gives you the opportunity to use your passion for learning to inspire the next generation.
  3. Teaching gives you a clear career path from your NQT year to middle leadership, senior leadership and headship.
  4. Teaching pays a good salary. Salaries start at £24,373 for newly qualified teachers.
  5. Teaching offers job security.
  6. Teaching offers a generous pension.
  7. Teaching is great for families as you will largely share the same holidays as your children.
  8. Chiildren!

There is a lot of useful information on the DfE website Get into Teaching:




Fantastic SEN teaching, I had been working with SEN children when I was a TA and was ticking off all of the areas as they were teaching, there were even some elements I hadn’t known about.