HART of Yorkshire Partnership

Harrogate and Rural Teaching school alliance (HART) is a group of schools in North Yorkshire that work together on a range of educational initiatives and projects.

The schools work together in this way to enhance the educational effectiveness of each school for the benefit of the pupils in the area and to improve pupils outcomes in our schools. The partnership is made up of a teaching school alliance, The Harrogate and Rural Teaching school (HART) Alliance, and other schools beyond that alliance who are very interested in quality initial teacher training provision. Currently these schools collaborate on many projects to support school improvement across Yorkshire.

This School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme has been developed by schools, resulting in a 39 week full-time course and a part-time course that spans over 2 years. We offer trainees the opportunity to achieve recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) at primary level, either 5-11 or 3-7 years, along with the award of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) awarded by Northumbria University. You will need to successfully meet the requirements of the Teachers’ Standards in order to achieve recommendation for QTS and complete 4 assignments with 60 masters credits to achieve PGCE.

The programme offers a real balance between hands-on classroom experience and the pedagogical theory that underpins educational practice.

A Partnership of Quality and Experience

The Harrogate and Rural Teaching School Alliance has been involved in teacher training for 14 years.

Our group of schools has worked hard with national partners to develop and support other schools in writing their school curriculum and designing assessment processes. This intimate knowledge of the pedagogy of teaching and learning, the school curriculum and experience in improving classroom practice has resulted in top quality training for trainees within our alliance.

“I enjoyed the course and felt that the balance between central training and school-based sessions really helped prepare me for my NQT year. The tutors and mentors were all very supportive.”

“I liked the small intake. It enabled me to receive personalised support.”

“It is an excellent course that prepares you well for the practical aspects of teaching. The course is very well run and managed and the mentor system is especially good.”

“It’s very intense and certainly hard work, but I can see that it is the best way to train to be an effective teacher”

Why Do the Schools Want to Be Involved in Teacher Training?

Schools have a direct interest in the quality of teachers entering the profession. The work of a teacher is ever changing and those working in the classroom and in schools are in the front line of these changes. Schools can provide a training programme that is relevant to the demands of the modern classroom. For this reason, we work closely with schools to provide a steady supply of skilful and confident newly qualified teachers to meet the needs of individual schools. School leaders are invested in this programme because they are wanting to employ the best teachers for the children in their schools.


I now understand that I will never be "there" but always reaching for a great way to engage the pupils in my class. The SBT modelled this behaviour for me showing me that there was never going to be one great way of teaching, but just the best way to reach this child, this class, this year.