Preparing for Application

Provider numbers for HART PGCE Programmes:

HART of Yorkshire SCITT – provider code 25C

Primary (5-11 years) – 2MBY

Early Years (3-7 years) all “hubs” – 2VLR

Part-Time Primary (5-11 years) all “hubs”  – 3D9C

School Direct (5-11 years) Yorkshire Inclusive TSA Schools – 392S

School Direct Salaried (5-11 years) Yorkshire Inclusive TSA School – 392T


When you have decided that teaching could be the career for you, it is very important that you prepare yourself fully for the application process.

Below are listed the key actions that will help you in this process.

  • Contact a local primary school and arrange to volunteer regularly in order to observe and gain experience of how teaching and learning is organised in a primary school. If you already help out, say as a parent, try and gain additional experience in another context. It is desirable to have at least two weeks (10 days) recent experience and a knowledge of the role of the teacher and what the job entails.
  • Ask the headteacher of that primary school to be one of your referees for your application form.  You will need two referees.  Use this to show your character and determination as well as your long term goal to become a teacher.
  • Read current educational materials e.g. Times Educational Supplement (available on Fridays or Time Online),  and links such as
  • Read the Teachers’ Standards and become familiar with the basis for all initial teacher training.
  • Visit to gain assistance on what to include within your personal statement.
  • For further tips on completing your personal statement click HERE


Applications for this course are handled via UCAS.


It is an excellent course that prepares you well for the practical aspects of teaching. The course is very well run and managed and the mentor system is especially good.

Headteacher Employing School (evaluation of NQT)