Aims of The Programmes

The Programmes Aim to:

  • Enable trainees to achieve recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status and gain the award of Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Masters level;
  • Increase the supply of appropriately trained, suitably qualified and inspirational teachers in Yorkshire primary schools;
  • Provide access to quality training and professional development for trainee teachers.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Trainees who successfully complete either the full or part-time programmes will demonstrate:

  • That they have met the Teachers’ Standards;
  • A secure and detailed subject knowledge required by the National Curriculum;
  • That they are fully prepared to begin their teaching career;
  • That they are life-long learners;
  • That they have high expectations of themselves and their pupils;
  • A commitment to teaching.

The programmes are structured to support a gradual development and proficiency in the Teachers’ Standards.  Trainees are supported by school based tutors, link tutor, tutor group leaders and academic tutors who move them from an apprentice teacher to a competent and thoughtful professional.

The quality of the newly qualified teachers graduating from the programme is so much higher than anything we have seen from other local providers. It's as though they have already been teaching for two years.

Employing School (feedback in NQT evaluation)