Aims of The Programmes

The Programmes Aim to:

  • Enable trainees to achieve recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status and gain the award of Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Masters level;
  • Increase the supply of appropriately trained, suitably qualified and inspirational teachers in Yorkshire primary schools;
  • Provide access to quality training and professional development for trainee teachers.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Trainees who successfully complete either the full or part-time programmes will demonstrate:

  • That they have met the Teachers’ Standards;
  • A secure and detailed subject knowledge required by the National Curriculum;
  • That they are fully prepared to begin their teaching career;
  • That they are life-long learners;
  • That they have high expectations of themselves and their pupils;
  • A commitment to teaching.

The programmes are structured to support a gradual development and proficiency in the Teachers’ Standards.  Trainees are supported by school-based tutors, link tutors, academic tutors and the programme lead to move them from an apprentice teacher to a competent and reflective professional.

It was so good to start teaching this September knowing that I had the overview of exactly how the curriculum, assessment and tracking systems work. I felt prepared and ready to enjoy my new job.