Overview of the Part-Time Programme

This is a flexible, two year part-time training programme designed especially for people who have family commitments or need to work whilst training.

Three options for study

  • Standard Model – This model allows for trainees to combine part-time and full-time teaching practices over the two years. You are in training 2 days per week until an eight week full-time block between April and June in year one. In year two, you are in school for 2 days per week until a nine week practice between January and April. This model works well for someone who wishes to work full-time as a teacher at the end of the training and is able to invest in the full-time placements. This route costs £9,250 for the 2 years.

Want more flexibility?

  • Flexible Option 1 – You will train two days per week throughout the two years and then complete a full-time teaching practice of 8 weeks at the end of year two in term 5 and 6 (finishing in May). This is perfect for people who need to train part-time but wish to work as a full-time teacher at the end of the programme and show employing schools that you can manage the full-time work load. This route costs £11,100 for the two years.
  • Flexible Option 2 – Trainees will train two days per week throughout the two years then 3 days per week at the end of year two in terms 5 and 6 (for 12 weeks finishing in July). This is ideal for someone who wishes to teach part-time as a teacher after graduation. This route costs £11,100.

All 3 options charge £5,550 in the first year with the remaining balance for the second year once the decision about which route to take has been made.

How much time in school/training?

All together, over the two years, trainees will have more than 140 days in school for each option and 36 days training centrally or in regional groups. Central training takes place in Harrogate or in regional hubs dependent upon location and number of trainees.

How do we train?

Training will combine learning in the classroom, on-line modules, academic assignments, regional tutor groups, central training, themed visits to schools to observe good practice, and evidencing The Teachers’ Standards.

How do we select placement schools?

Placement schools are selected on suitability for the trainee and geographical location.   They are matched with trainees based on the current strengths of the school and the requirements of the trainee.  In this way we ensure that trainees have the best possible support in school over their training year and a personalised approach to training.

How will it work?

Starting on the first day of the autumn term, you will be based in your “home” school.  You will be seen as a member of staff, quickly appreciating the workplace and seeing theory put into practice every day following a carefully designed plan to support your learning.  You will undertake training by staff in your “home” school as well as tutor groups, central training sessions and other activities with trainee teachers from other schools on the programme. Over the two years, you will have taught in at least two schools and in two key stages.

The course is carefully structured to make sure that you take on classroom responsibility in a systematic manner. The programme will build your confidence and subject knowledge and give you the necessary skills to become an effective classroom practitioner.  As you become more confident and competent you will take on greater responsibility until you are teaching full lessons.

There are 4 PGCE academic modules across the 2 years and you will gain 60 masters credits; 2 assignments in year 1 and 2 assignments in year 2. You receive support from an academic tutor to complete these assignments.

I am so excited about starting in my own class next year. I feel nervous but know I am fully prepared. It's been a tough year, but it's been worth it