Return to teaching

Do you have QTS and:

  •  Do you have QTS and:
    • have been away from primary teaching for a number of years?
    • have taught at secondary but not primary level?
    • have taught in the private sector and wish to move back into the state sector?

    We can support you in the process updating your skills, improving your confidence and returning to teaching.

    We have a track record of retraining and preparing teachers for primary state education.

    The programme is planned to run over 6-10 weeks depending on previous experience.  This will include experience teaching, planning, assessing and managing in a primary mainstream classroom.  Participants should be effective at behaviour management.

    Week 1:

    • Classroom experience alongside the class teacher,
    • planning and assessment cycle,
    • age related expectations in National Curriculum subjects
    • Initial assessment with action plan for professional development,
    • Pedagogy/Assessment for Learning CPD.

    Week 2-4:

    • Classroom teaching experience across core subjects,
    • Lesson observations with developmental feedback,
    • Maths and English CPD support including mastery Maths.

    Week 5-6:

    • Teaching practice across all curriculum subjects,
    • Lesson observations with developmental feedback,
    • Pupil progress – building an evidence bundle to show impact on pupil progress,
    • Final assessment with action plan for professional development.

    Optional 6-10 weeks:

    • Further teaching practice planning and teaching alongside the teacher,
    • Behaviour management, Maths, English, Phonics CPD and further personalised support,
    • Lesson studies and tools for improving the impact of your teaching,
    • Further assessment with developmental plan.

    Where professional feedback suggests further training and support, this will be available at a further cost for participants.

    This programme will only run if there are 6 or more participants.  We give one term’s notice of the start of the programme to facilitate  notice periods.

    This programme offers you a placement in a school which will support you to update your practice in assessment, planning, teaching the New Primary Curriculum and teaching and learning practice.

    Main programme:  £1000

    Additional support weeks 6-10: £600

    The next potential start date is April 2019.  Please register your interest below.


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How would you rate the overall course quality on a scale of 1 to 10?

I have rated the course a ten. My main reason behind this is due to the course been so current. I enjoy each training session and I am always able to implement what I have learned into my practice. I enjoy that sessions are run by current teachers who have up to date knowledge.