Return to teaching

Do you have QTS and:

  • have been away from primary teaching for several years?
  • have taught at secondary but not primary level?
  • have taught in the private sector and wish to move back into the state sector?

We can support you in the process updating your skills, improving your confidence and returning to teaching.

Full time 6-week programme starting September 2017

This programme offers you a placement in a school which will support you to update your practice in assessment, planning, teaching the New Primary Curriculum and teaching and learning practice.

  1. You will receive one to one support from a trained School Based Tutor, with weekly lesson observations.
  2. You will be assigned a Link Tutor who will visit you to ensure that your practice is improving and to support your development.
  3. You will receive 16 half-day CPD sessions in the following areas:
    • Behaviour management
    • Behaviour for Learning including Dialogic Talk, AFL and high order questioning skills
    • Maths
      • An overview of the Maths Curriculum
      • Planning a Maths lesson to challenge all learners
      • Teaching Calculation
      • Mathematic development and the importance of counting
      • Maths Mastery
    • English
      • An overview of the English Curriculum
      • Planning an English lesson to challenge all learners
      • Teaching reading
      • Teaching writing
      • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
      • Teaching systematic synthetic phonics
    • Special Educational needs and disability
    • Career planning guidance
    • Ofsted and the inspection framework


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It really was a light bulb moment as I started to understand how the curriculum informs the assessment of each pupil which then feeds into planning which results in giving the pupils targets that they can meet every lesson.

Trainee 2015